We only serve salons ,brands and wholesalers

Our Story

JWO is located in Qingdao, China, the global high-end Jewish wigs manufacturing center.

With more than 19 years of business development, we are proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of luxury human hair wigs, hair toppers, and Jewish wigs today. The hair material we use is raw ponytails, no-touch.

And every single ponytail is handpicked by our experienced experts to ensure the hair is thin, soft, and undyed. 

40 +
40 +
3000 +
Wigs & Toppers in stock

Our Market

As the official supplier of leading hair replacement distributors in the United States, JWO has long been committed to providing them with different female wigs products, including Jewish wigs, lace top wigs, medical wigs, and hair toppers, etc. We serve large and small wholesalers, including online shops, hair salons, hairstylists, and regional wigs and hair distributors. We welcome you to use JWO to expand your market and profits.

Our Team

When you contact us, you can get fast and professional service.

Our headquarters consists of quality control, customer service, design, supply chain, and operation teams. 

All our departments are transparent in sharing information. This gives customers a seamless experience when working with us.


Our highly professional customer service team provides services around the clock. When you contact us, you can get fast and professional service. We value our customers, so it is important that we can communicate with customers regardless of their time zone or location. Our professionals will ensure that you find the required wigs and hair toppers and execute the orders effectively.

Quality Consistency

We have an excellent inspection team to ensure consistently high quality before the shipments. By offering our products to your customers, your brand will be respected and celebrated over time. This gives customers a seamless experience when working with us. The staff is fully qualified to deal with any problems before and after each sale.

Our Warehouse

JWO has more than 3,500 pieces of wigs and hair toppers in stock, with more than 60 colors, which can be delivered immediately.

We create 3-5 new colors every month to add to our inventory, so your brand can meet the color demand of your customers.

There are various kinds of luxury human hair items designed for your customers, including silk top wigs, lace top wigs, medical wigs, pony wigs, and hair toppers for women with thin hair and Jewish women, to help you better control your business.

Everything can be delivered to you within 3-5 working days after the delivery date.