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What Is a Lace Top Wig?

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What Is a Lace Top Wig?
Lace top wig an almost invisible material that melts into your own skin, so the hair looks like its going from your own scalp! They are the wig of choice for celebrities – think Beyoncé and the Kardashians!

How Are Jewishwigsonly Lace top wigs Made?
Not all lace wigs are created equal! How the wig is made and the quality of the lace will make a big difference to how comfortable and natural the wig is.

1.Hand Tied

Our lace wigs have a complete hand tied lace top and front. This means that each individual hair is hand tied into the lace. Although this is very time consuming it makes a huge difference to how natural the wig will look. Hand tied hairs move freely, like natural hair would and our very small knots giving the illusion that the hair is growing out of your scalp.

2. Lace Material

Jewishwigsonly are made from the highest quality true Swiss Lace. This lace is a very fine, yet durable, mesh material that is comfortable, light weight and breathable and gives the most natural hairline of any wig cap construction. No scratchy, dark coloured lace on our wigs!

3. The Cap.

As lace is quite a delicate material, we do not use it for the entire cap. Only where it counts! The back of the wig cap is from a stronger mesh material, which is light weight, breathable and stretchy. This material means the wig will last you longer, and will fit snug and secure with out the need to glue or tape. YES! All of our wigs are designed to be ‘pull on and go”, no need to glue or tape!


Benefits of Lace top wig
They look so natural!
The reason lace wigs are so popular is because they look incredibly natural. It is nearly impossible for someone to tell that you are wearing a wig all! This allows you to feel comfortable and confident in your wig, without worrying if people will notice, because they won’t!

Wig Comfort
Lace wigs are very light weight and breathable. This is perfect for people who wear wigs all day, live in a hot climate, or just like to be comfortable.

Easy To Wear
Jewishwigsonly lace top wigs are designed to be easy to wear. They are perfect for beginner wig wearers and long time wig wearers alike. They do not require any special application, or accessories. They truly are just pull on and go!

Styling Options
Lace wigs allow you to style the hair anywhere on the top, so you can easily have a left, right or middle part. They also allow you to do half up/half down, low – mid ponytails and push the hair back off you face.

Natural Amount Of Hair
Many women have tried other wigs and found they have too much hair. This can look unnatural and make the wig feel wiggy, or not like yourself. Jewishwigsonly lace top wigs allow you to have different densities (how much hair is sewn in to the wig), which means you can have a high density for a very full look, a medium density for a natural look and a low density if you prefer less hair in your wigs.

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