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Regular Wig vs. Pony Wig

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Buying a best-fit wig is very hard, and it would be much harder if you are trying to buy a wig you can wear a ponytail.

Sometimes the advertising says the wig is available to wear in a ponytail, but sometimes we see the advertising of pony wigs especially. It makes us confused. Is every regular wig available to wear in a pony? or only the pony wig is available to wear a ponytail?

What is Regular Wig? 

The regular wig is a full wig for covering the full head.
The regular wig here refers to the wig not especially available to wear in a ponytail.

Generally speaking, a regular wig can be a silk top wig, a lace top wig, a machine wig, etc.
These types of wigs are not designed to wear a ponytail.

Pros and Cons of Regular Wig

The regular wig is a basic collection, and it is popular among most women who have a demand to cover their own hair.

If you need to wear a ponytail, the regular wig is only available to wear in a very low ponytail.
A medium-high or high ponytail does not work with a regular wig.

What is Pony Wig?

The pony wig is designed to wear in a ponytail by resolving the problem of natural-looking from ear to ear around the nape.
Therefore, the design of the pony wig is to hand tie the hair at the cap from ear to ear around the nape, around 1.5 inches.
And also, in order to show the natural looking at the temples, we need to use small ear tabs instead of regular ear tabs on regular wigs.

In 2015, a new kind of pony wig was created.
The wefts of this new kind of pony wig that are able to be worn into an extremely high ponytail are sewn in a circular shape, so that you can easily gather all the hair into a high pony.
It is typically made with less density, so it has a thinner appearance and looks less bulky.

Wig Pony

Pros and Cons of Pony Wig

The pony wig is especially in big demand in summer. And also it offers a new look.
For the basic pony wig, you can wear it like a regular wig with the hair downward, so it is more functional.
For the new pony wig with a circular shape, it’s better to wear a pony all the time, because the start point of the circular wefting sometimes pushes the hair a little higher than usual.

Conclusion: Which one is better?

The regular wig is the classic one.
The basic pony wig can be a regular wig or a pony wig, but it is more expensive than the regular wig.
The new pony wig is a special option for summer.