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Why Are Luxury Human Hair Wigs More Expensive?

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Why Are Luxury Human Hair Wigs More Expensive?


When you are looking for a factory as your supplier of human hair wigs, or when you are looking for a wig company to buy a human hair wig for yourself to wear, you may have confused about the price differences too much.

It mainly lies in branding positioning.

The luxury collection is usually more expensive.

Here are a few points to help understand it better.


  1. Raw Hair Materials


1) In the market, the highest level of raw material is ponytail hair. The ponytail is to retain the integrity of the hair cuticles, at the same time, all the cuticles are in the same direction, not upside down. If in the process of collecting raw materials, the hair is upside down, it is necessary to use the inverted machine to get the hair all in the same direction, but the accuracy of this machine is not 100%, therefore, this raw material has to be acid treated, and acid treatment is to remove the hair cuticles, so that, it hurts the hair, not the closest to our bio hair.

2) Besides using ponytail hair, we still have to keep handpicking from tons of ponytail hair. We need to handpick the thinnest and softest hair.

3) After handpicking the thinnest and softest hair, we have to continue handpicking the hair that has never been bleached or colored. The reason for handpicking unbleached and uncolored hair is:
a) to ensure that the color comes out all of the same color shade so that our hair color looks very pure.
b) as the hair we use is 100% natural color, so the customer can play with the color, just like the hair growing on our own head, you can feel free to bleach and dye.


  1. Fine Workmanship


1) Mesh Material: We are using the most high-grade and most expensive, like lace, we have always insisted on using real Swiss lace in transparent color, which is also called HD lace.

2) Hand Knotting: We have high requirements for workers’ hand knotting, including the knots must be very small; try to single hair hand tie on the lace; the forehead hairline must be in line with the shape and curvature of the human hairline, the previous hairline to be pre-plucked, etc.

3) Coloring Technology: The first is the requirement that the color should be positive, in line with the color shade and tone of real hair color; the second is the color between each batch is as consistent as possible; the third is that after bleaching and dyeing the hair must be in a good condition.


We always talk wigs help us get confident and get happy, but to be precisely speaking, only a perfect wig can help us get confident and happy.

No matter whether you are wearing wigs for hair loss due to cancer or alopecia or religious purposes, you deserve a luxury human hair wig instead of a cheap wig.

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