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Jewish Wavy Wigs

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The married Jewish women cover their hair with wigs, which are called Sheitels.

It is a big thing for Jewish married women to choose the best wigs for themselves.
To choose the most fitting wigs, Jewish women need to figure out several things, like the wig’s length, the hair color, and of course the hair quality.
The hair origin for Jewish wigs is mainly two kinds, one is European hair, which is very expensive, and the other is Mongolian hair, competitive price.
Every married Jewish woman spends thousands of dollars on wigs every year.
Besides the length, the color, and the hair quality, many Jewish women would like to choose for themselves, or they have the wigs waved at the salon after they buy a wig.

Wavy wigs are stunning for every Jewish married woman.

Our factory JWO (JewishWigsOnly) is very strong in wavy wigs because our technician has almost 20 years of experience in wavy wigs.
Our wavy wigs are more beautiful and natural than other factories.