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Jewish Wigs Market Changed in 10 Years

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What did it look like in the Jewish wigs market 10 years ago?

In 2003, our factory was just producing hair extensions and toupees for our loyal customers, and it started to change when Rabbi got into our factory. He came to us with orders, and he told us he would teach us to produce a new product. We are always open to new things, so we started to be in the market for Jewish wigs.

First of all, we need to separate Indian hair from the raw hair material for Jewish wigs, so we have an individual warehouse for the raw hair material for Jewish wigs. And the workshop for Jewish wigs production is also separate from other products.

Secondly, we selected some experienced workers to be trained on how to do the hidden knots, which is the core strength of the multi-directional skin top. At that time, this was very new craftsmanship of hand-knotting, and for sure, it is the best one, because there is all knots are covered by the scalp and no short hairs outside of the scalp. This is the most natural-looking of including all kinds of wigs.

Finally, we produced some samples of wigs to test the market in New York. And we, fortunately, got very good feedback from clients and also got very valuable comments to improve our quality.

Specially Speaking, the hair for Jewish wigs is different from the hair we use for our hair extensions and toupees, because we specially selected thinner and softer hair from our raw hair material, and it mainly comes from Mongolia and the south of China. What’s more, the hair for Jewish wigs is 100% virgin hair with intact cuticles, this is the highest grade of human hair, and it is the most natural hair to our live hair, because of no chemical treatment.

In 2003, there were only 6 factories that know how to produce Jewish wigs all over China, we are one of them because it was a very new product and new technology in China. And it was also the different market situation in USA and Israel. There were only a few wholesalers and distributors of Jewish wigs in the USA and Israel. We know each other, even though we don’t work together, but some of them already visited our factory.

The market changed year by year, and now it is a different market in 2014.

The Current Market Situation of Jewish Wigs in 2014

The difference is very obvious. The Chinese suppliers of Jewish wigs become more and more, even though some small workshops can supply Jewish wigs now.

This is the prosperity of Jewish wigs product, but it also brings some bad things. Some factories lower the hair quality to attract more clients by offering much lower prices. The price is lowered while the hair quality is lowered. They use non-virgin hair to produce Jewish wigs, and the wigs look the same as virgin hair wigs, but actually, the inside quality differs too much. For example, virgin human hair wigs can last 3 years, and non-virgin hair wigs can not even last one year. The non-virgin hair wigs are easy to get frizzy or even tangled when the wigs are worn for some time, like months.

There is a good thing. 10 years ago, the outer scalp is Chinese silk, and now it is mostly monofilament, this is an improvement for Jewish wigs, because monofilament gives hair a stereo feeling, and hair does not lay flat on the scalp, and the scalp is not too white either.